• Calgary
    May 2, 2017
    Non-profit Organization
    Yes this number is from 911 operator.
    Last night I accidentally called 911 last night and this number called me so I anwsered it it said "You called 911 recently " and I said it was an accident so they asked me couple questions then I was free to go. Remember don't hang up like I did when you accidentally call 911 don't hang up if you dothey will call you back and if you missed it they will send police, ambulance and firetrucks to your house.
    So don't play with 911 calls

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  • dmn
    it took me a while before i figured out that by pushing any number over multiple times it goes to 911  my kids are very sneaky  on doing this
  • miss911
    I just got call from this #. It isn't collector. It is really 911 center. I dial 112 because someone told me it would work for emergency in any part of the word even if I dial 112 when my phone is locked. I tested and yes it is true. If you dial 112 any time even out of your area with locked phone you get connected with 911. Cool!
  • Rick
    Dec 16/10 Same as some others -- got a call saying that I had called 911.  I thought one of my kids might have been playing with my cell & apologized. I checked the call log on my Blackberry & the most recent outgoing call I made was 6 hours ago & it certainly wasn't to 911.Strange.  The guy was polite & didn't grill me like the reall 911 person grilled me on a previous occasion when I actually did dial 911 by mistake.  What kind of scam is this....?  When I try calling the # back after reading the posts on this page, an automated msg says "you've just dialed a number that isn't in use".
  • Frank
    Same as above.  I was suspicious and tried to call back when my phone log didn't show any 911 call going out.  Automated message says that number doesn't exist.  Tired turning off my phone.  Phone is locked on, ie they continue to listen to your phone even after they have hung up.   It felt a bit creepy so I pulled the battery.   Phone was fine after.   You could turn it on and off.  If you can't it means they've locked you phone line open so they can verify if there really is an emergency.  My daughter was  putting her children to bed at the time and that's always a sob time.  Perhaps they heard that in the background and decided to keep the line open in case.  
  • Gail
    This number was left on our answering machine. Due to privacy reasons, cannot return call.
  • Fed up in Calgary
    Just got two calls from this number on my cell this afternoon.  It went to voice mail and a female voice said it was 911 calling - that my cell had called them and to stay on the line if I needed help.  According to my call log its total BS.  This is either a collector going to previously unheard of nastiness or a real a**hole scammer.

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