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  • my two cents
    Hi  this is not legal advice only for education. Do you have a contract with the  collection agency? No.
    2 Do they have all the documents you sign  for the allege debt? No.
    3 Can they provide the CUSIP number the bank assign to the Loan Application? Ask for it.
    4 Are they a third party in your in your private business? Yes.
    Don't run away ask questions, if they don't answer ask yourself why?
  • Get a real job!
    This number is calling my 12 year old Daughters phone. What the hell would a so called debt collector or what ever they are need to call her? It's a scam! Why do we put up with this crap! Send These people to jail!! I have told my kids never to pick up a number they don't know, sad really can't even own a phone with out harassment. Number has never been listed only been activated for a few months. Thanks cell phone companies for selling our numbers to criminals. Heads up people dont fall for anything these people say to you! Scam!!
  • Concerned....
    I have picked up at least a dozen or So times. Clearly telling who ever is calling that they have the wrong person. But instead they constantly ask me for personal information which i refuse to give out. They need to change their calling practices. One time the called a total of 16 times in one day and that is hurassment.
  • the c
    they keep calling for my wife under her maiden name,we have been married for 10 years. we checked her equifax nothing on it for collections. STOP CALLING and waking up my kids u b*stards
  • crusher
    Got a call on my private line from a woman looking for a person with a name similar to mine; told her she had the wrong number, looked up the name and gave her the correct phone number; she claimed to be calling from ARO, a collection agency based in Kelowna, B.C.  Wouldn't give name or number; call display showed "private caller, number unavailable".  All calls to our detachment are recorded; asked one of the civilian staff to trace the call; came back with this number.  Collection agents usually will usually identify the client creditor and quote a file number.  This one wouldn't.  Didn't know she wascalling Les Gendarmes.  We think it's a scam.
  • Innocent Callee
    I was getting calls from 877-250-7070 for a couple of weeks now so I blocked that number from calling me and now I'm getting calls from 250-762-7070.  I simply do not answer the calls. they do not go to voicemail; in short, I ignore them.  If you are getting calls from ARO (collection agency) from either of the two above numbers, I would strongly suggest you block both numbers from calling you.  If they get an answer, it only eggs them on.

    Do not answer, they will call at random times  of the day if you do answer they'll say "John Doe"?.....    if you say yes, or uh huh..   they will put your number in their confirmed number database.  So remember... just do not answer them to begin with.    AND file a complaint with the CRTC.
    If you accidently answer a call from someone who starts with "John Doe?"...  reply with "Who's calling please?"............      then tell them you'll check if there's a John Doe, but you're just working reception and our last guest checked out or some such.

    you can also request to have your number placed on the DO-NOT-CALL-LIST

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