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  • Aro Inc


565 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P2, Canada

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June 2010

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  • Smaguns
    This is ARO Collections is calling from this number.

    565 Bernard Ave,
    Kelowna, BC
    V1Y 6N9
    I do not have any collections outstanding, but these idiots are phoning me trying to collect money from my Next Door Neighbor. They use reverse directory to find the closest addresses and then start phoning people in the neighborhood. How "greasy" is this?Having the neighborhood become privy to your most personal affairs?This company has "NO" morals.....DO YOUR JOB... Get out of your desk and make the trip yourself. Stop trying to ruin people's lives by including the entire neighborhood in your debt collection!I'm phoning as many complaint boards as I can right now as they have on 3 separate occasions contacted me 'explaining clearly' that they know that this is not the right address but were hoping that I could either have the person contact them or that I might provide them with a current contact number.
  • the lion in winter
    I don't know who this man is with the english accent,but I do know that I don't owe him any money. He's messing with my fax and I don't like it.
  • my two cents
    Hi  this is not legal advice only for education. Do you have a contract with the  collection agency? No.2 Do they have all the documents you sign  for the allege debt? No.3 Can they provide the CUSIP number the bank assign to the Loan Application? Ask for it.4 Are they a third party in your in your private business? Yes. Don't run away ask questions, if they don't answer ask yourself why?
  • Who Cares
    I notice that your "last" sentence reads... "If ur just dodging have fun we may see you in court :)"  "We may" implies that you have no intentions of taking the matter to court.  It is a scare tactic which all collection agencies use in order to get a debtor to pay-up.  

    I would encourage all people to not pay debts to collection agencies.  The less money collection agencies collect, the quicker they go out of business.  In the unlikely event the collection agency does go to the courthouse to file a summons, they have to come-up with quite a lot of their own money, up to and including coming-up with the money to get the debtor to and from court by either bus, train, plane, automobile.  And where necessary, have to come-up with accommodation costs and meal allowances.  Yes, all these costs are charged back to the debtor, if the debtor loses the case.  However if the debtor isn't suable, then the judge will dismiss the case.  The judge will decide if the debtor is suable or not.  NOT the collection agency.  Also, one will notice that the bill collector NEVER threatens to sue.  They say they "MAY SUE" and they use "WE" a lot.  And that is because if they threaten to sue, then they can no longer have any further contact with the debtor, they either have to sue or f**k-off.  They also can no longer refer the debt to another collection agency, because doing anything other than suing the debtor places the collection agency in CONTEMPT OF COURT.  Judges frown down on those who are in contempt of court, and Judges get really upset with those who place others in contempt of court.  So that is why collection agencies very rarely play their Ace Card, because once they do they have to sue.  
    I would encourage all people who are being chased by a collection agency to tell the collection agency to "Sue me or f**k-off", and then put down the phone.  Do not offer them any information at all on yourself, even if you are unemployed, do not tell them anything.  Keep everything about yourself private, so you can use it to your advantage and as your defence should the matter ever go to court, which it usually won't because collection agencies are not in the legal business, they are in the debt recovery business, and they just want the debtor to pay.
    It is also illegal for a bill collector to telephone a debtor once the debtor has ordered the debt collector not to contact them by telephone.  This is called "Personal Harassment", and judges also frown-down on harassers, and usually fine them very heavily, and/or lock them up, and award the victim handsomely.
    The best advice I would offer a debtor is to pay the money owed to the original creditor.  They won't refuse the payment, they can't, it is illegal for them to do so.  And if the original creditor refuses the payment, the debt will be written-off by the courts.  This also messes-up the collection agency, because they want the debtor to pay them.  Debt Collectors are usually bullies, and their bark is worse than their bite.  Do not fear Debt Collectors, they are only doing their job, and they are working on commission.
  • The tax man
    Is this that Same credit that fraudulent corrupt central banks charge interest on money that doesn't exist ? How about you dirt balls learn about fractional reserve currency, how the money supply is expanded on? Which most of you collectivist f**gots at ARO have no clue about, way aboue your 10 dollar an hour job. The post by what looks like an ARO employee openly describes harassing Canadians, you call people even though you don't have correct info? How do you people even have a job? How can you continually make mistakes that are illegal ? Enjoy the rest of your time trying to get money back for the same people poisoning your food, you water, your children, s*** now you people at ARO can pay the same bankers a carbon tax on living. Great job people at ARO its robots like you who are destroying the world.

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